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At any time: Practice your outdoor activities and Enjoy the play areas

In all season, you can start from our domain for activities such as walking, mountain bike, cycling. Some special link for cycling : et
On our domain, you will find leasure spaces : 2 playground area (2-6 years) and (6-12ans), volley-ball, badmington, foot-ball, ping-pong, jeux de boules, table football, Beach Volleyball, Basketball Basket.

In high season

We invite you to share each week our entertainment times:

  • A Ballade / Tasting to discover the Olive Trees, 
  • A festive musical evening,
  • A creative and/or sporting animation dedicated to children.

Local festivities by season:


  • Procession of tanks, celebrates spring (Nyons, Easter)
  • Celebrates Farms in Farms (at the end of April)
  • Buicyclette (excursion VTT of Buis les Baronnies 1er Sunday of  May)
  • Celebrates of Pentecost, childish Corso and festivities of street (Vaison la Romaine)
  • Brassens week (in May at Vaison la Romaine)
  • Vaison la Romaine Jazz : (Fridays of May)
  • Round of applause of the brotherhood of the tilleuil (semi June, Bénivay)
  • Fair in Picodon, honey and the Wine In the streets of the old village.(Taulignan in June)
  • Lavender celebrates (at the end of June, at the beginning of July at Ferrassière)


  • Many village festivities
  • Night festivals with the Castle of Grignan
  • July 14 A fireworks in Vaison la Romaine
  • Summer Festival in Vaison la Romaine
  • Festival D’Avignon (July)
  • Around the 10/08 votive Festival and A fireworks in Buis Baronnies
  • Festival of Jazz (mid-August, Buis les Baronnies)


  • Lounge (Show) of the Good to Be (at the Beginning of September, Montbrun les Bains)
  • Banns of the grape harvests. Procession of the brotherhood of the hillsides of Tricastin with horses and former(ancient) material(equipment). Put in cellar of the Vintage Sévigné in the castle. (Grignan in September)
  • Festival of the BD (in the middle of September, Vaison Romaine)
  • The Week of the Taste (in October, Nyons)
  • Festival of soups and Greedy Days (in October at the beginning of November, Vaison la Romaine)

And also…

Buis les Baronnies, nearest city at all 8km : shopping, tennis, horsemanship, climbing, swim in river, fishing, air sport, 4x4, quad, skate park, guides in mountain, historical visit, cinema… to see the area page
Vaison la Romaine : city at 15 km… to see the area page

  • Découverte à Vélo Electrique

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    votre Vélo Classique 20€ la journée ou 60€ la semaine du Lundi au Vendredi.

    Offre partenariat : livraison des vélos au Camping à partir de 3 jours de location.

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